Marketing Strategies for Doctors

Today’s world of business is run with advertisement & marketing, and the field of medicine is not exempt from this. As in any business, MDs who have their private offices & clinics need to adapt to the fast-paced environment of marketing in order to enhance their popularity, attract new patients and maintain loyalty.

It is a low probability that doctors have expertise in marketing along with their medical careers. This is why I prepare this article. In the first section, I will mention some common false facts about marketing and correct them, and in the second part, I will give some ideas about possible marketing strategies for doctors.

Let’s begin with these false facts:

  • “Marketing means advertisement”

FALSE. Although the advertisement is a critical tool of marketing, marketing cannot be boiled down to merely advertisement. It has other important elements including public relations, media planning, customer support, market research and community involvement.

  • “Marketing is an activity which has a beginning and an end.”

FALSE. Marketing is a continuously evolving process. Your marketing strategy should be able to adapt to the changes in your sector and environment. Therefore, to be successful, it should be considered a long-term process rather than a one-time activity.

  • “Marketing is a waste of money & time in the field of medicine.”

FALSE. Marketing is an investment in your business which will eventually be fruitful when handled properly. Along with investing your time and money, you will also need to track the benefits of your marketing strategy to ensure that you are on the right track.

  • “Marketing is completely separate from the profession of medical practice”

FALSE. Marketing in medicine is closely related to the communication between you and your patients. Therefore, you will need to know the expectations of your target group from their doctors and focus on these expectations in your communication.

  • “Marketing requires overselling yourself and your services.”

FALSE. If you cannot actually give what you have promised during marketing your projects, this will deteriorate your business let alone being helpful. Your marketing strategy can be helpful only if it is built upon your true medical experience, capabilities and professional success. Therefore, your most important marketing strategy should be to focus on improving your services and expertise.

Now, we can switch to the second part, recommended marketing activities that will bring the most benefit to doctors and clinics.

  1. Build a professional website

You should have an online address for your medical services so that your existing and potential clients could easily find you. Having a professional-looking website will enhance your first impression and give a good image of reliability. Therefore, if you are not an internet guru at the same time, you should get support from an agency or a professional with a good quality portfolio of previous projects.

  1. Write a blog

Having a blog under your website is very easy, and regularly writing on the topics of your specialty which will be useful for your target audience will bring great benefits in terms of marketing. Not only you will get the opportunity to showcase your expertise in the area, but also potential clients who seek an MD in your field will be able to find you easily.

  1. Create content on social media – starting from Facebook

Social media is the most effective means for word of mouth marketing. Your presence on relevant social media channels is important to gain recognition as an MD. Facebook, which has more than 2.45 billion active users as of September 2019, is the most significant of them. Having a professional page on Facebook where you share little tips, medical news and new developments in your field will help people remember you when they need medical service in your field. You can also share your blog posts on social media channels to attract more visitors to your website.

  1. Become a source for local media

Another good way of showing your expertise is to be featured in media. Newspapers and news channels usually get the opinions of doctors to provide scientific support for their stories. Being featured in your local media will enhance your recognition and authority in your field.

  1. Send newsletters to your subscribers

Creating e-mail lists and sending out regular newsletters through your website and social media pages will also contribute to your recognition. The important point here is to make sure that you get consent from people in your e-mail list before sending newsletters.

  1. Create online profiles

In today’s digital world, people google everything. They look for online reviews before seeing a movie or eating at a restaurant. Most of them also do the same while choosing their doctors. Therefore, you should create profiles on specific websites that provide online listings and patient reviews for medical professionals.

  1. Ask for feedback

Your current patients are your best marketing partners. Therefore, asking for feedback will provide you with the chance to see yourself from their perspective and determine the points that need improvement. Both positive and negative feedback will give you an invaluable opportunity to improve yourself and your services.

  1. Contribute to medical publications

Along with writing blogs and providing a source for media, focusing on medical studies and having your articles published in academic or professional publications will help you stand out from the crowd and shine out.

  1. Get professional support for search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an important tool to improve the findability of your website through the internet search and enhance the canalization of your target audience to your website. SEO can be improved through some simple steps like having your office/clinic address on your website or creating original content. However, to benefit from SEO to the highest extent, professional assistance would be necessary.

Each of the tactics listed above has the capacity to bring certain benefits; however, applying multiple tactics in an organized manner would create a sustainable marketing strategy. When you use multiple different marketing tools and tactics, they will support each other and help create your ideal marketing strategy as a whole.

Please feel free to contact us if you need professional assistance in the creation and application of marketing strategies tailored to your needs.


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