SAO Counselling Website Project

The project

Professional website creation for a psychological counsellor located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We designed a fully responsive and functional website to represent Sana’s business and reflect her professionalism. The website informs the potential clients about her services and provides the convenience of booking an appointment online.

The design process

Sana contacted us through recommendation. With an intention to reflect her self-respect as well as her respect towards her clients, she wanted to have a professional-looking website instead of an amateur one. She also wanted to offer her clients the convenience of online booking through her website. We listened to her needs and presented some design options for her to choose among.

During the project, we have been in continuous communication and coordination with Sana to make sure she gets her dream website while ensuring the technical quality and infrastructure is at its best. After some rounds of revisions and  brainstorming to achieve the best results, we have completed her amazing website.

The end of story

Sana is quite happy with her professional-looking website featuring the online appointment booking function as well as a blog where she can share her professional insights with her followers. Satisfaction of each of our clients is a trophy for us and we pleasantly received another one with this project. Yay!