Sculptor Portfolio Website Project

The project

We created a portfolio website for Seyhan Hanotte, a sculptor living in Lyon, France.

We designed a portfolio style website featuring a blog and a shop redirecting to the artist’s Etsy store. Apart from displaying her art pieces, she also wanted to have a blog to share her writings.

The design process

With several Skype conferences, we agreed on the structure and design of the website. Seyhan also wanted to sell some of her artwork occasionally. Since she would be selling only a small number of items, we advised her to use another online marketplace rather than setting up an online store to save her from the cost and effort to run such a system. Therefore, we decided to link her online shop to her Etsy store as a practical solution.

The end of story

At the end of the day, we had another client happy with the practical solutions we provided. Seyhan still receives technical support from us so she will be able to save her time for her art rather than struggling with technology that is not really her realm of comfort.