Handyman Website & Digital Branding Project

The project

We designed a website for a local start-up in Bursa, Turkey.

The start-up contacted us with a request for a website for their new start-up, “Yardim Adam (Handyman)”. We created a functional, neat and colorful website that perfectly responded the needs of our clients. We also created the logo for the company that would complement their overall image.

The design process

The company was offering a wide range of handyman services 24/7 with the convenience of being available online. Therefore, they needed a very functional and user-friendly website with a vibrant look. They also had a very wide range of services and the website content was enormous. Therefore, our main challenge was to present all the content it without showing too long scripts and looking bulky. We came up with some ideas that was loved by the owners and we kept the constant communication during the application process. We also added an instant messaging function to the website as they were planning to provide a 24/7 customer service and emergency handyman service.

The end of story

Although is was challenging to keep all the content while making the website look neat and easy to browse, we are happy to come up with some ideas to fully meet the requirements of our client and successfully overcome another challenge.